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Buckthorn Removal Project

In collaboration with Compass Minerals, the Maitland Trail Association’s Invasive Buckthorn Removal Project is underway.

Buckthorn is an invasive species that reproduces quickly and chokes out native trees and shrubs. This initiative is the removal of Buckthorn trees/shrubs along the Sifto Loop trail near Goderich.

The work will continue until the end of 2023. The process will ultimately benefit the health of the forest.

There is no single method that is effective in removing unwanted plant species. A combination is necessary.

The project involves:

  • cutting the Buckthorn;

  • clearing the cut trees;

  • spraying the stumps with herbicide;

  • ensuring an opportunity for native trees to grow; and

  • returning to the site in two years to monitor and remove any new growth.

This project is made possible with funding support received from the Invasive Species Centre’s Invasive Species Action Fund and the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources.

Thank you to the many volunteers and groups that are taking action to manage invasive plant species on our trails!


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