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Thank You

We want to thank each and every person who has supported the Maitland Trail Association throughout the years. From the landowners who generously allow us to build trails on their land, to the dedicated volunteers who spend countless hours maintaining them, to the donors and businesses who have contributed to our cause, we appreciate your support. We couldn't do it without you and we are truly grateful for your commitment to preserving the natural beauty of the trails.

The Ross Firm

Life and the rules we live by are constantly changing.

Sometimes these changes have important legal consequences for our Association. We thank the Ross Firm for their advice in guiding us through some of the legal puzzles we’ve faced over the years. 

Race Huron Maitland Trails
Race Huron

In December, 2023, Race Huron presented a cheque for $1200 to the Maitland Trail Association to purchase a new electric chainsaw and protective equipment.

Goderich Lions
Goderich Lions

In December 2023, Goderich Lions donated $3,000 to assist with maintenance on the trail system, including the Invasive Buckthorn Removal Project.

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