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Are you Reporting a Trail Issue?

A Message from our Trail Maintenance Crew

The MTA maintains over 80 kilometers of local trails and has a maintenance crew dedicated to keeping the trail system safe, enjoyable and in good repair. Our Trail Rangers regularly report on trail conditions; however, we also rely on hikers to keep us informed. For each issue, we must determine the scope of the work to plan our crew size, equipment, and materials. When reporting a trail issue, please provide as much information as possible. •Your name, email, and telephone number •Trail Name •Full Description of the issue •Photos are always helpful The following information would also assist: •Is this an immediate safety issue? Or repair work that we can plan for? •For fallen, leaning, or broken trees, is it safe and easy to step over? •Do you think it would require a hand saw or chainsaw? •Could a saw operator and an assistant do the work, or would a larger crew with ropes and pulleys be needed to safely bring it down? •Are there steps involved to access the area? (We will need to transport supplies and tools and, therefore, plan the most direct and safe route possible.) Our trail system is shown in detail on the Maitland Trail Guide maps. Any information that you provide that is found on a map is invaluable. Here are items and landmarks that you can reference: •On the Maitland Trail, there are wooden Km distance markers painted yellow. •On the G2G rail trail, there are Km distance markers and donor signs. •Many boardwalks, bridges, and benches have identifying numbers or plaques on them. •Trails intersect with blue access trails / road intersections / hills & streams. •There are outhouses on some trails.

If you’re unable to provide full details, but still wish to report an issue, kindly provide your name, telephone number, and a brief description of the issue.  A member of our maintenance crew may contact you directly. 

We truly appreciate your assistance in keeping our trails safe.  Thank you!

Please provide full details of the issue and email photos to


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