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Hunting Season

The Maitland Trail runs primarily through private property, and since some landowners wish to hunt on their own property, the Maitland Trail is closed and public use is prohibited during hunting season. See dates below.

The GTG, Maitland Woods, Millennium, Sifto Loop and Menesetung Trails are all open during hunting season.

Gun Season for the Controlled Deer Hunt

The main Maitland Trail (red trail) was closed for the 2023 Hunting Season during these dates:

  • November 6 - November 12

  • December 4 - December 10

MTA Trail Map

In addition, Maitland Trail Section: 9.5 km to 10.5 km (map below) is closed October 1 to December 31 (as per landowner).

Maitland Trail
Deer Season - Bows Only

The Maitland Trail is open during these dates. However, hikers are advised to wear bright clothing.

  • October 1 – November 5

  • November 13 – December 3

  • December 11 – December 31

For more information regarding hunting season in Ontario, please visit the Government of Ontario Website.

Practice Safety During Hunting Season

Do not go on closed trails.

Wear bright, high visibility clothing.

Always keep dogs on leash.

Be respectful of property.

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