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Falls Reserve Conservation Area (FRCA)

Please read the important information on this page before hiking at the FRCA. MTA members are permitted to use the area shown in yellow on the map below. Use of all other trails and areas within FRCA are only allowed with a park permit. 

Falls Reserve
The Falls Reserve Conservation Area is Operated and Managed by
The Maitland Valley Conservation Authority (MVCA)
Winter Trail Use for MTA members (October 15 – April 15)

  • Parking at the gatehouse is permitted with an MTA Membership Card displayed on the dash of the vehicle.

  • Walk-in access is permitted from the gatehouse to the orange trail (near pond) to access the Maitland Trail and Blue trail sections.

FRCA Rules for Year-round Trail Use for MTA members

  • MTA members may use the MTA Trail Use Area shown in yellow on the map (use of other trails or other areas within FRCA is not permitted without a park permit).

  • MTA members may use the (highlighted) northwest washroom (open from April to October).  

  • Trail use is for foot traffic only (hiking, running, skiing, snowshoeing). No motorized vehicles.  No Cycling without an FRCA permit.

  • Parking at the gate is not permitted from April 15 – October 15.

  • Follow the Trail Users Code and the Rules and Regulations of the Conservation Area.

Falls Reserve
FRCA Permits

  • For full access to the FRCA property (all trails, playground, parking, etc.), MTA members may purchase an FRCA Season Membership Pass and receive $25 off, or 25% off a Daily Pass. Overnight use is excluded from the discount. See below for FRCA Fees.

  • For use of areas outside the designated MTA Trail Use Area shown in yellow on the map below, an FRCA permit must be purchased.

  • Permits may be purchased at the park during open hours, or by an eTransfer to After completing the eTransfer, email your name and contact information to stating that you purchased a permit.

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