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Trail Trivia

A self-guided hike that's fun for all ages! Download the Trail Trivia Map and find trivia markers while exploring trails in and around Goderich.

“We’ve all traveled a trail and found little things that make us think, “Hmm. I wonder what that is.” Or we’ve lucked upon a guided hike and come away with an appreciation for things that may have gone unnoticed without a local’s knowledge of the history, geography or ecology of the trail.

The Maitland Trail Association has put together a unique guide to its trail system entitled Trail Trivia, Exploring the Trails In and Around Goderich. The eight-page printable guide features four pages of maps that highlight over 40 numbered signs you will find on the main trail and four side trails in and around Goderich. The guide then has a piece of trivia for each of the signs, identifying buildings, giving the history of landmarks and pointing out areas of interest that may be lost on the casual walker.

The Maitland Trail is a 52-kilometer trail that roughly follows the Maitland River between Goderich and Auburn. In addition to the main trail, the Maitland Trail Association maintains numerous side trails and a number of other trails in the area, including the Maitland Woods Trail and the Millennium Trail.” (Article from Stops Along the Way)

Download the 8 page document with clues and maps of the trails and then look for the small numbered signs.

Explore trails in and around Goderich!

Learn area history, geography, ecology and more!

Enjoy your hike!

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