Tuesday Trompers

Are you retired? Working shift work? Got some time off? A work-­at-­home parent? Do you also want to get outdoors more, keep fit, and meet interesting people? The answer to all of these needs may well be:  Join the Tuesday Trompers!  Each Tuesday you will be able to meet other ‘leg-power-­minded’ people and walk in different locations around Goderich and Huron County, sections of the Maitland Trail or conservation areas for an approximately 1 hour hike/walk. Trompers are notified by email each week where the next week’s destination will be.

Outings are Tuesday mornings, about 9-10am. If you wish to be on this email list, send us an email.

IMPORTANT:  All hikers must sign the waiver before joining any of our organized hikes.  Before a hike starts, the hike leader will pass around a form that everyone can sign.  If you’d prefer, you may download a personal waiver, fill it out, and submit it to the hike leader before the hike starts. 

Click HERE to automatically download the personal hike waiver.  Each page can be used for 2 separate hikes.  Each 1/2 page can be used by 2 people (eg. a couple who arrive together).