Tuesday Trompers

Are you retired? Working shift work? Got some time off? A work-­at-­home parent? Do you also want to get outdoors more, keep fit, and meet interesting people? The answer to all of these needs may well be:  Join the Tuesday Trompers!  Each Tuesday you will be able to meet other ‘leg-power-­minded’ people and walk in different locations around Goderich and Huron County, sections of the Maitland Trail or conservation areas for an approximately 1 hour hike/walk. Trompers are notified by email each week where the next week’s destination will be.

Outings are Tuesday mornings, about 9-10am. 

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IMPORTANT UPDATE:  All hikers must sign the waiver before joining any of our organized hikes. 

Click HERE to ‘sign’ the online waiver for 2023. 


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