Trail Talk 99 January 1st 2020

Three mid week hikers- Lise Rosemary and Susan
Al Sanders leading the Tuesday Trompers in the Maitland Woods

Looking back on the past year the big event on our trails was the opening of the Jones bridge on the Exeter trail so that hikers doing the MacNaughton- Morrison trail did not have to walk along Morrison Line. There were many improvements on the area trails, the ones which I appreciated the most, were the renewal of the boardwalk at Wawanosh and the improvement in the 42-43 km part of the Maitland Trail.  I believe that we had the highest number of windfalls across our trails since the 2011 tornado, this was despite many ash trees being cut before they fell over.  Hats off to the chainsaw crews and all the volunteers who help maintain and or support our local trails.

In 2019 there was a very large turnout for the Friday hikers which averaged 15.6 hikers lead by 12 hike leaders on 21 trails with 41 participants.  The Tuesday Trompers averaged 16.1 hikers and hiked on 21 of the local trails (often different than the LIFE hikers choices,) with a maximum turnout of 26 and 52 participants. The mid-week hikes which are now on alternately on Wednesday and Thursday had an average turnout of 4.7 with a maximum of 8 and 15 hikers participated

Some of the LIFE hikers on the Bayfield Woodland trail


Saturday January 11th at 11a.m. Bayfield Trail Association event at Varna

Saturday January 18th 9 a.m. Hike or snowshoe at Naftel’s Leader Patrick Capper.