Trail Talk 83 Sept 11 2019

This week was hard on Chewy. My hike on the Woodlands Nature trail resulted in him picking up over 150 small burrs, which fortunately were easy , though time consuming to remove.  On our Friday hike from Cherrydale to Sharpes Creek Line he picked up about a dozen burdock burrs which are tricky to remove.  These burrs had been cut with the grass and left lying on the trail, so the burrs were soon attached to Chewy. Next d

Green headed coneflower

ay he gathered another 150 or so small burrs, and on Monday at Bannockburn near the cottage ruins he picked up some small but very well attached burrs that I had to cut off.

I managed to lose two pairs of pruners,   I knew I had lost a pair on a short section of trail and although I went back twice could not find them but on the third time Thyra spotted them at the edge of the trail but only when we were returning along the trail.

On Wednesday when hiking the Cherrydale section of Maitland trail I was wondering which flowers are the tallest.  Many were around eight feet high. The tallest was a cow parsnip, followed closely by giant ragweed.  Jerusalem artichokes, ( these have thick hairy stems)  Joe pye-weed, stinging nettle  and green headed coneflower(note the deeply cut leaves) were also nearly as tall.   My flower book states that Jerusalem artichokes and Giant sunflower and cow parsnip can reach 10ft, common sunflower 12ft, giant ragweed 15ft.  Giant Hogweed, not known to be on the Maitland trail, can reach 18 ft tall.

I am changing my Wednesday hikes to the Uneven Hikers as  we will only hike on odd dates so If  Wednesday is on an even date we will hike on the following Thursday

e.g Wed Sept 11th , Thurs Sept 19th , Wed 25th  Thursday Oct 3rd.

Low water level on Maitland river at Lobbs

Due to the hard work of Murray Lobb and Boris Decker the Lobb trail has been restored to excellent condition after the logging operation.

The trails in our area are very dry and the Maitland and Bayfield rivers are lower than I ever remember seeing them.