Trail Talk 82 Sept 4th 2019

Cage over turtle eggs at Hullett

For some reason trail talk 81 was not published in the Signal Star. To see it go to the Maitland Trail Website

On the Tuesday Tromp on the Hullett dyke, as well as my seeing 232 frogs we also saw cages covering four places where turtles had laid eggs.  The cages are held firmly in place so raccoons can’t get the eggs, and there were small openings to let the hatchlings out.

On Saturday, as I hiked on my section of trail (Sharpes Creek Line to River Line)  I was thinking I had not seen any large swallowtail butterflies for a long time, then I saw a beautiful tiger swallowtail butterfly.  Unfortunately it was camera shy and flew away.  The trail was still amazingly dry with no sign of water at most of the boardwalks.    On Sunday Aug 25th I hiked the Lobb trail, as the loggers finished earlier than I expected.  I met Murray Lobb who was busy raking the trail, what dedication. He started on Friday and was raking again on Monday.

The remaining marked trees on the Upper Lobb trail will be logged after the corn has been harvested.

My Monday hike there was rewarded with seeing a beautiful Giant swallowtail that fortunately posed for photographs.  I also saw a couple of frogs leap into the pool at the short bridge over the creek at the bottom of the hill, – the first time I have seen then there.

Frog under bridge at Lobbs

The Bayfield River Valley trail work crew worked on the Bayfield woodland trail on Friday August 30th so the signage should now be much better.

I am changing my Wednesday hikes to be alternate weeks on Thursdays.  So we will only hike on the odd dates. e.g Wed Sept 11th , Thurs Sept 18th , Wed 25th  Thursday Oct 3rd.

The annual El Camino del Sinuoso Rio Maitland – a 49 km two day event is on September 28-29th.   Registration is still open, over 150 hikers have already registered, for details go to