Trail Talk 240 November 30th 2022

With the arrival of snow the Tuesday Trompers have gone onto their usual winter schedule of alternating between hiking the Maitland Woods trail and the Sifto/GART trails. December 6th is scheduled for the Sifto loop and December 13th the Maitland Woods.  However if conditions change the hike may be at another location or even cancelled if there is a snow storm.

Ria, Gabi, Anne, Rick, Faye, Wendy and Susan on a John and Marylo Graham Nature Conservancy trail Nov 23rd.

The cold wind on Sunday November 20th caused a delay in the final End to End hike (Boundary bridge to Auburn) which , all being well, will be rescheduled in January. The Sunday hikers chose to hike on the Lobb trail where there was less wind exposure.

One advantage of the snow is to discover what animals are using the trails.  The easiest tracks to recognize are deer, wild turkeys and raccoons. On Tuesday November 22nd I was surprised to see tracks of at least two deer on our property.  We had not seen deer tracks there for at least two years.

It can be tricky to determine the difference between a small coyote and a large fox track.  Both walk in a much straighter line than a domestic dog that usually wanders all over the place as it does not need to worry about where the next meal is coming from.  Reading “An Immense World” by Ed Yong I learnt that dogs see colours differently than humans, for instance a red is seen as a muddy yellow as their eyes have only two types of cones instead of three. However, dogs have much better night vision.

When snowshoeing on the Front road trail, I tripped when my snowshoe caught on a small stump. When I was going to trim the offender I found I had lost my hand pruners.  I was unsuccessful in finding them that day as I did not have much spare time, however I found them a couple of days later when I had more time to search.

A Bruce spanworm moth

Then on returning to my parked car there was a Bruce Spanworm moth on the side window. They are apparently most often seen this late in the year.

Wednesday was a nice sunny day and nine of us enjoyed a hike on the Maitland Trail and the John and Marylo Graham Nature Conservancy trails.

On Thursday November 24th Maitland Trail work crews resumed removal of the invasive Common Buckthorn and also cleared some windfalls in the Maitland Woods.


Monday December  5th to Sunday December 11th  The Maitland Trail will be closed due to gun deer hunting, however you can still hike in the Maitland Woods, Sifto Loop, Millennium trail, the Falls Reserve  and the G2G/GART.

Monday December 26th  1.30 p.m. Hike or snowshoe  on the Hullett Sugar Bush trails to get rid of some of the extra pounds put on over Christmas.  Meet at 80605 Wildlife Line. Expect to take from 1½  to 2 hours depending on conditions.  Preregister with Patrick Capper

January 1st 2 pm Hike or snowshoe the Falls Reserve.  The annual New Year’s day outing lead by Wendy Hoernig and Faye Ribey. Details to follow

Tuesday Trompers meet at 9 a.m. on Tuesday to hike for about an hour  If you wish to be on this email list, send an email to All hikers must sign the waiver, preferably the Online waiver at www.maitland

Uneven Hikers hike for 1 ½ to 2 hours on Wednesdays or Thursdays, contact Patrick Capper. Both groups meet at 9 a.m.  and are open to non-members provided they sign the MTA on-line waiver.

If you have questions or something of interest for Trail Talk email me Patrick Capper at