Trail Talk 236 November 2nd 2022

Clouded Sulphur on a spotted knapweed

On October 22nd was a great warm sunny day for hikers and the Bad thing runners.  While hiking on the Hullett trails I saw some cabbage white butterflies and yellow clouded sulphur butterflies enjoying one of the few flowers still in bloom, a spotted knapweed, which unfortunately is an alien invasive species.  There were also some red clovers in bloom and some asters. I also saw a garter snake.  One caterpillar was on our back steps,  an Isabella Tiger moth caterpillar.

On Monday  also at Hullett I had a good view of a bald eagle flying across the trail, On Tuesday morning Thyra saw three swans flying over on their way South.

Nature’s table cloth

The ground is now carpeted with a collection of leaves, mostly yellow , orange and red, which makes for a very colourful trail, and created a pretty nature’s table covering on our patio table.

Wild cucumber

On Wednesday hiking at Lobbs I saw some wild cucumber  which is related to the familiar, domestic vegetable, but  the prickly “cucumbers” consist not of fleshy fruit, but of two seed chambers containing lacy netting. The netting holds four large seeds in place until the fruit ripens and the seeds drop to the ground to begin a new vine.

On Thursday October 27th nine hikers enjoyed the fall colours on the Maitland Trail and the John and Marylo Graham Nature Conservancy  trails. We saw over 100 geese on the Maitland river and lots of small birds,  probably juncos at the edge of Bishop’s road.

The NCC and Maitland Trail Work crew have now finished removing the invasive buckthorn from the reroute near the pond at Riverbend (12.7km) so the reroute is now part of the main trail and thus avoids the part adjacent to the pond that beavers regularly flood.

Saturday November 5th 9 a.m. at Naftel’s creek the third meditation walk. Designed for those who want the benefits of meditation but prefer to move! Dress warmer than usual as we will be moving slowly, please leave your pets at home (dogs are already very Zen!).  Our group number is limited to 10 to not block the trail.  These are all Level 1, easy pace, 1.5 hours. For more information and to confirm your attendance, please contact Janie van Essen at 519 955-4402.

Thursday November 17th 2 p.m. National Take a Hike Day, Varna Nature Trails.
The title says it all.  National Take a Hike Day is observed each year on November 17 in Canada and the U.S. There are over 90,000 km of non-motorized, managed trails in Canada. The Bayfield River Valley Trail Association is proud to participate by managing our 16 km network. The Mavis Trail is named after area community activist Mavis Govier and offers a walk to the Bayfield River and back.   Meet/Park: Varna Complex in Varna, 5 km east of Bayfield on the Mill Road. Distance: 3.5 km/2 hrs
For more info, call Ralph Blasting 519-525-3205 hike the Taylor and Mavis trail with BRVTA.

Sunday November 20th 9 a.m. The last of the Maitland Trail end to End hikes – Boundary bridge to Auburn contact Paula Deering This is a Level 2, leisurely pace, 3.5 hours.

October 1st –Dec 31st the Maitland Trail between 9.5 and 10.5 km is closed for hunting.

November 7th to 13th The Maitland Trail will be closed due to gun deer hunting, however you can still hike in the Maitland Woods, Sifto Loop, Millennium trail, the Falls Reserve  and the G2G/GART.

Tuesday Trompers meet at 9 a.m. on Tuesday to hike for about an hour  If you wish to be on this email list, send an email to All hikers must sign the waiver, preferably the Online waiver at www.maitland

Uneven Hikers hike for 1 ½ to 2 hours on Wednesdays or Thursdays, contact Patrick Capper. Both groups meet at 9 a.m.  and are open to non-members provided they sign the MTA on-line waiver.

If you have questions or something of interest for Trail Talk email me Patrick Capper at