Trail Talk 231 September 28th 2022

Hugh McGregor had nine hikers on the September 10th walk in the Maitland Woods, two of them had recently moved from Brisbane Australia so were very interested in the Huron County plants.

A maple ,black cherry and ironwood

On September 15th Kandyce Affleck from Nature Conservancy Canada lead seven of us on a hike on their River Bend property.  We stopped to admire three trees growing very close together, a maple, black cherry and a ironwood.

Twenty one Tuesday Trompers enjoyed the Bannockburn trail on September 20th and then came back to help eat up the leftovers from  Sunday when Thyra and I celebrated our  80th birthday.

On the way to the Wednesday hike at Lobbs I saw some Canada geese and well over 1000 gulls spread out over the corn stubble in three fields, and after the hike all the gulls were in the air.

One of 7 giant puffballs

On Thursday hiking down from River Line there were seven giant puffballs where in the past I had only seen three.

A 12 spotted skimmer on a knapweed

When working in the garden one evening I found a twelve spotted skimmer dragonfly on a spotted knapweed. It did not move despite my working close to it, and it was still there at 10 a.m. next morning but shortly after the sun came out it became warm enough to fly off.

By the time you read this the Maitland El Camino del Sinuoso Rio Maitland will have been completed.  The last time I heard 115 participants were expected.

Many people aim to do 10,000 steps per day( about an 1 ½ hour walk) .  A study by  Associate professor Borja del Pozo Cruz from the university of Southern Denmark  did an eight year study on 78,500 participants each with and accelerometer and to his surprise verified that 10,000 steps is about optimum to decrease the chances of dementia, cardio vascular disease and death. Even 3800 steps cut the chances of dementia and cardio vascular disease by 25%. It was also beneficial if 30 minutes of the walk was at a faster pace.


Saturday October 15th 9a.m. Easy pace 1.5 hours in the Maitland Woods. The first Mindfulness in Nature walks to pause and explore…Mindfulness Techniques, Walking Meditation and Forest Therapy. Designed for those who want the benefits of meditation but prefer to move! Dress warmer than usual as we will be moving slowly, please leave your pets at home (dogs are already very Zen!). Our group number is limited to 10 to not block the trail. For more information and to confirm your attendance, please contact Janie van Essen at 519-955-4402.

Saturday October 15th At Naftel’s Creek conservation area. A dual celebration of the 25th Anniversary of the John Hindmarsh Environmental Trust and the completion of the new bridge The ceremony will begin at 1 pm, (including cake!) following  which a guided hike at 2 p.m.

Sunday October  16th 1.p.m. Hike Benmiller to Sharpes Creek Line The third of the End to End hikes. Level 2 moderate pace, expect to take about 3 hours. Come out to stroll along this very pretty section of the Maitland Trail, passing through, among other scenic places, the mature forest of the Morris Tract and enjoying a view of the falls at the Falls Reserve Conservation Area. Wear sturdy footwear, hat, sun screen, insect repellent and lots of water. For car shuttle arrangements and to confirm your attendance, For car shuttle arrangements and to confirm your attendance, please contact Cindy Fisher at or Con Melady at

The NCC and Maitland Trail Work crew have now finished removing the invasive buckthorn from the reroute near the pond at Riverbend (12.7km) so the reroute is now part of the main trail and so avoids the part adjacent to the pond that beavers regularly flood.

October 1st to 31st Bayfield Woodland Trail will be closed for Turkey hunting-  Bow hunting for the month, and  gun hunting 11th -23rd.

Tuesday Trompers meet at 9 a.m. on Tuesday to hike for about an hour  If you wish to be on this email list, send an email to All hikers must sign the waiver, preferably the Online waiver at www.maitland

Uneven Hikers hike for 1 ½ to 2 hours on Wednesdays or Thursdays, contact Patrick Capper. Both groups meet at 9 a.m.  and are open to non-members provided they sign the MTA on-line waiver.