Trail Talk 211 March 16th 2022

In the last trail talk, the bench was one of the many benches on the Goderich to Auburn Rail trail (G.A.R.T.) that is now part of the G2G rail trail.

On what bench are Sadie, Margot Sippel and Patrick Capper sitting on?

I was surprised when I checked to find that between the start of the trail on West Street and where the trail crosses over highway 21 there are 17 benches. Each bench has a plaque. Starting with the ones on West street are two benches  “In loving memory of Elmer + Margaret Jenkins”, and” In loving memory of Philip Hugh Feagan” The next benches are “Mary Moore 1906-1995 Mother and Teacher”, and “Goderich Lions Club 1996” After N Harbour Road are: “Goderich Lioness Club”, “Ralph & Avice Foster “, “Sit and enjoy the view, compliments of Frank and Peter Strickland”, “In loving memory of Donald MacEwan from the Scott family”, “Eleanor and Warren Robinson 2003”, “Toronto Bruce Trail Club”, “Mike Dawson Family”, “Sit and behold Natures Wonders, The Meladys”, “Bruce MacPhee”, “Norma –Monte Hall July 8 1999”,  “In loving memory of Connie Osborn 23 Feb 99” from her friends”, “Tiger Dunlop Womans Institute of Ontario 1918-1990”, and “For my love Beth John”.  There are also two more benches if you leave the GART to go to Tiger Dunlop’s tomb.  The Menesetung bridge was saved by great efforts from local volunteers and many contributions from citizens and businesses. It was opened on July 1st 1992.

The warm weekend of March 5th-6th resulted in a lot of snow melting, but it also increased the amount of ice on the trails. Good icers really grip the ice well and prevent falls, which are more likely to cause severe injury the older you are.

Molly leading Elizabeth Grant, Anne Storey and Jan Jamula on the Sifto Loop on March 8th

On Saturday I hiked the Maitland trail downstream from River Line. The first time I had been on that section since January 1st. There was mixture of snow drifts, icy patches and good hiking. I saw a pair of Geese on the Maitland river and about 20 golden eye flying up stream.  I was surprised to meet three adventurous young women who I believe were hiking on the trail from Londesboro road to Sharpes Creek Line. I am not sure what conditions they found on Snowdrift hill where I had cut some steps in the six foot drift on Feb 25th.

The Tuesday Tromp on March 8th found a winter wonderland on the Sifto loop. It was a pity that only 13 hikers were out to enjoy the wonders.

Rick, Faye Anne. George and Ria on a Robertson Tract trail on March 9th

On Wednesday the Uneven hikers were on the Maitland Trail at the Auburn end, avoiding the section West of Pinery line that had large ice blocks left from the Maitland river floods. There was a lot more snow on the trail than is seen in the Goderich Bayfield area.

At there are reports of  4000 Tundra swans on March 12th and even more on March 15th near Greenway Road south of Grand Bend.  Locally I have seen the return of other migrants, i.e. robins, red winged blackbirds and grackles, and saw some Tundra swans on the Maitland river on March 16th .


Saturday March 19th 9 a.m. hike on the Lobb  trail  leader Patrick Capper .

Saturday March 19th 11 am. All about the Morrison Reservoir, Morrison Dam Conservation Area with Denise Iszczuk  ABCA.

Saturday March 26th 7-9pm self guided candlelit walk on the Taylor trail. (no dogs.  Donate to light a candle $30,$50 or $100. All proceeds to children’s room at Huron Hospice. Donations and more information at 8 p.m. dedication ceremony at Trailhead

The Hullett parking lot at 80602 was still closed on March 16th as not all the logs had yet been removed.

The Wawanosh Nature Centre trails have now been reopened.

The Falls Reserve is closed until the end of May, except for the Maitland Trail’s main trail with white blazes and the blue blazed trail.  This is due to work on installing a new septic system.

Tuesday Tromper’s  meet at 9 a.m.on Tuesdays to hike for about an hour. Contact Al Sanders  at

Uneven Hikers hike for 1 ½ to 2 hours on Wednesdays or Thursdays, contact Patrick Capper. Both groups meet at 9 a.m.  and are open to non-members provided they sign the MTA on-line waiver.

If you have questions or something of interest for Trail Talk email me Patrick Capper at