Trail Talk 197 December 1st 2021

Last Trail Talk I mentioned the 2021 edition of the Huron County Hiking Guide being available on line.  I have now found out that the printed edition is available at the Goderich and Clinton Libraries, and I assume also at the rest of the Huron County Libraries.  I see that the map for the GART has been replaced by a G2G Rail Trail map that shows the trail route to the edge of Huron County , with a small insert indicating the route to Guelph., To get details you need to go to the G2G website. The map also indicates a “tunnel under Blyth Rd” which is still only in the planning stage.

A Periwinkle blossom

I am always interested in seeing what flowers still have blossoms despite the cold weather. I see a few asters, spotted knapweed and periwinkle with blossoms.  Birds are now easier to see with most of the leaves off the trees, and now there are some birds that have migrated to a more southern location, such as juncos, which are now a common sight.

Al, Anthony ,Marg, Frances, Jan, Pat, Eda, Faye and Shelley on the G2G

On Tuesday Nov 23rd the Trompers hiked part of the G2G near Auburn.  Although there was no snow in Goderich, there was quite a lot in the Port Albert area and about 2 inches on the trail.  We gathered up as light snow was falling, ready to hike the trail, fortunately after about 20 minutes the snow stopped falling and we even had some periods of sunshine.

On Wednesday I hiked the Maitland Trail near Bishop’s Road, and due to all the recent rain the first part of the trail had many wet and muddy places despite there being numerous boardwalks.  When I reached the part near the Carey property boundary I saw two small flocks of Canada Geese on the river, the first birds I have seen on the river for quite a while. Although the river was quite high it was still below the lowest spot of the Maitland trail, which was dry.

Canada Geese on the Maitland River

I was told that the Goderich Waterfront Boardwalk is now fully open to the public.

In the Maitland Woods my photo of the chickadees at the feeder caught one of them in mid flight.


The Maitland and Lobb trails are closed from November 29th  to December 5th due to gun deer hunting. This does not include the Falls Reserve, GART, Maitland Woods, Millennium or Sifto trails.

The Hullett blue trail from the parking lot at 80602 Wildlife line has the broken boards from an unsafe bridge removed, so it is advisable to avoid this trail unless you wear waterproof footwear.

The Bayfield Trail is closed until January 1st

Duck hunting season started on September 25th

The section of the Maitland trail from 7.9 km to 10.5 km is closed until the end of the year.

Tuesday Trompers hike for about an hour, contact Al Sanders at

Uneven Hikers hike for 1 ½ to 2 hours on Wednesdays or Thursdays, contact Patrick Capper. Both groups meet at 9 a.m.

The Woodlands Nature trail is still probably closed past the bridge due to uncleared storm damage.

If you have questions or something of interest for Trail Talk email me Patrick Capper at