Trail Closures for Hunting Season

Please be aware of where and when the closures are, and adjust your hiking plans accordingly.

November 1 – 7
November 29 – December 5 :
Entire Maitland Trail closed for gun hunting

October 1 – December 31 :
Maitland Trail closed between 7.9 km and 10.5 km
for bow hunting

Recommendations (1-Oct to 31-Dec)
  • Ensure you are visible to possible hunters.  Dress in conspicuous clothes preferably orange jacket and/or touque
  • Do not hike where trails are closed, instead pick another trail
  • Respect the landowners right to hunt on their property
  • Dogs MUST be leashed (so they’re not mistaken for animals being hunted. Sadly, this has happened before)
Be aware that hunting at other times in the fall is possible.
Turkeys (bows): Oct 1 to 31
Turkeys (guns & bows): Oct 12 to 24
Coyotes:  All year
Ducks: Sep 25 to Jan 8
Geese: Sep 25 to Dec 29