Upcoming Events

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Cycling the G2G, Auburn to Blyth (and return)

When: Saturday October 15,  1:30-4:30
Highlights:  Mostly shaded trail with fall colours, a bridge over a creek, and the unique train tunnel and bridge in Blyth
Difficulty: Beginner-Moderate.  Crushed gravel trail, 2 parts of trail to walk down/up a steep slope.  Average speed 10kph.
Distance:  20kms total.  (10kms to Blyth where we’ll have a rest before heading back to Auburn)
Optional extras:  off-trail track along the creek in Blyth for a short distance,  and/or an extra 3.3km from Auburn to the Maitland River.
Bring:  Water.
Requirements: Helmet.  Be prepared for rain or sunshine. MTA Waiver to be completed online in advance.
Where to Meet:  From Main Street (Goderich St) in Auburn, go south on Hardwood Line, past Auburn Park to the end of the road, which is the G2G Trail.  The ride will start at 113km to Guelph marker.
Pre-register: with Donald Andrew  519-530-9019 (call or text)

25th Anniversary Celebration of Naftel’s Creek Conservation Area!

Join the Maitland Valley Conservation Authority as they celebrate this special piece of land and the wonderful people who returned it to nature.

Where: Naftel’s Creek Conservation Area, 79154 Bluewater Highway, between Bayfield and Goderich. 
When:  Saturday October 15….. 
                1pm:  Opening ceremonies with cake and refreshments at the opening ceremony, dedication of a new bench, and activities for all ages 🙂
                2pm:  Guided tour of the new boardwalk and bridge
Click here to read the full story of Naftel’s Creek.

A series of Meditative Walks – 3 Hikes

The secret to well-being? A meditative walk in the woods!

Participate in one or all three Mindfulness in Nature walks to pause and explore…Mindfulness Techniques, Walking Meditation and Forest Therapy. Designed for those who want the benefits of meditation but prefer to move! Dress warmer than usual as we will be moving slowly, please leave your pets at home (dogs are already very Zen!).  Our group number is limited to 10 to not block the trail.  These are all Level 1, easy pace, 1.5 hours.

  1. Saturday, October 15th, 2022 – 9:00 a.m.
    Maitland Woods, meet at Knights of Columbus Parking Lot, 390 Parson’s Court, Goderich
  2. Saturday, October 29th, 2022 – 9:00 a.m.
    Kilgour’s /John Goldie Reserve, 81199 Old Road Dr, near Benmiller, parking area on the right
    Revised Location:  Robertson Tract on the Maitland Trail near Auburn.  meet at the end of Pinery Line.
  3. Saturday, November 5th, 2022 – 9:00 a.m.
    Naftel’s Creek, Hwy 21, Central Huron

For more information and to confirm your attendance, please contact Janie van Essen at 519 955-4402.


Maitland Trail: End to End – 3 more Sunday hikes

Are you interested in completing the Maitland Trail end to end in a leisurely fashion over time?  If so, the Maitland Trail Association is offering a series of guided hikes over the next few months to help you meet your goal and this worthwhile challenge.  Mark the dates on your calendar so you don’t miss out on participating in this hike and earning your end-to-end badge.
** For shuttle arrangements and to confirm your attendance, please contact the hike leader noted.

  1. Benmiller to Sharpes Creek Line – October 16, 2022 – 1:00 p.m.
    This is a Level 1-2, moderate pace, 2.5 hours.

    This segment sets out through the area upstream from the Benmiller Bridge. It is a lovely section, with many boardwalks and bridges that make the route pleasant to walk along. The whole segment is scenic and as well, it offers variety, because there are some hills as well as easy-going level sections. Wear sturdy footwear, insect repellent, sunscreen, hats, and lots of water.
    For car shuttle arrangements and to confirm your attendance, please contact Cindy Fisher at cfisher@cabletv.on.ca or Con Melady at conmelady@gmail.com.  
  2. Sharpes Creek Line to Boundary Bridge – Oct. 30, 2022 – 9:00 a.m.
    This is a Level 2-3, moderate pace, 4 + hours.
    There are some rugged sections, as well as a couple of areas that tend to be muddy.  Sturdy footwear is required as well as water, snack, insect repellent and sunscreen and hat.
    For car shuttle arrangements and to confirm your attendance, please contact George Cantin at streamsideinc@gmail.com or Patrick Capper at pcapper99@gmail.com.  
  3. Boundary Bridge to Auburn Bridge – November 20, 2022 – 09:00
    This is a Level 2, leisurely pace, 3.5 hours.

    Start at the Boundary Bridge, and end at the south-west end of the Auburn Bridge and end or the trail.  Easy terrain – dress for the weather wearing proper footwear.
    For car shuttle arrangements and to confirm your attendance, please contact Paula Deering at paula_deering@hotmail.com. 



Instructions for Joining MTA Events:

Terrain Rating:

Level 1:  Well defined trails, gentle inclines. Good walking shoes recommended.

Level 2:  May be hilly, some rough spots or obstacles.  Boots recommended.

Level 3:  Rough terrain, steep sections, long climbs and descents, beaver dams or other obstacles, rock scrambling.  Boots required. Fit, experienced hikers only.  Long pants & sleeves recommended.

Hike Speeds:

Leisurely:  2-3km/hr

Moderate:  3-4km/hr

Brisk:  +5km/hr

A Reminder:

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I acknowledge that Maitland Trail Association activities, in which I am participating, and may include but are not limited to any or all of activities such as hiking, skiing, snowshoeing, cycling, trail work, and/or trail-related maintenance, involve risks that are beyond the control of the Association. Notwithstanding the acknowledgement of such risks, I hereby release the Maitland Trail Association, Hike Ontario, and their contractors, employees, volunteers, agents, assigns and executors from all claims for the damage howeverso arising as a result of my participation in any activity organized by the Association. 

I agree to pay the costs of any emergency evacuation of my person or belongings that may be necessary. 

While participating in MTA activities, I agree to follow the directions of the MTA organizer(s).

I affirm that prior to participation, I will be aware of the nature of each activity, its distance, duration and degree of difficulty, and that I will be properly equipped and physically able to participate. 

I have no medical or other conditions that might preclude my participation. I am not known to have or suspected of having COVID-19, nor am I in close contact with a confirmed or suspected case of COVID-19, prior to participating. If, at any time during the year for which this waiver applies, my condition changes or I am in close contact with a confirmed or suspected case of COVID-19, I will refrain from participating in any MTA activities until I am cleared to do so by the Provincial Public Health Unit.

By selecting ‘Yes’ below, I am confirming voluntarily that I have read this document, that I fully understand its effect, and that I am at least 18 years old. Each adult accepts full responsibility for all persons under 18 that may be in their care. I understand that this document must be properly completed before I will be allowed to participate in MTA activities.