Ride 4: McGaw-Windy Hill-BB-Return

And a significant hill climb… get out and work those glutes!

When:  Sunday, October 24, 1:30 pm
Where:  Meet at McGaw Siding, 911#81652 Lucknow Line, ACW
Preregistration:  Con Melady 519-524-8730

The Ride:  19.9 km G2G McGaw Siding Start/Finish, Maitland River, Windy Hill, Little Lake to Balls Bridge, and return
No services on this route. Significant hill climb km 5.1 to 6.4.
Meet at McGaw Siding on G2G, 911#81652 Lucknow Line, Ashfield Colborne Wawanosh (ACW) heading East to the Maitland River, return to Heron Line and then South up the Moore Mile (big climb!) continuing on River Line to Little Lakes Rd and the Maitland River at Balls Bridge(km 10.5). We’ll take a break here and return to the top of Windy Hill via Litttle Lakes Rd and River Line, then go West on Hills Rd (big downhill!) to Sharpes Creek Line, North to G2G and west to finish back at McGaw.