MTA El Camino

Welcome!  To MTA’s DIY Camino  

We’re doing things differently this year.

Our Camino is a relatively young event;  This is number 8.  For those of you who are new to it, you can read about what we did last year, and we can all look forward a future when we can do it again. It’s bloody hard and a lot of work, but it’s a rush.

Our motivations for participating differ. Some do it for the stamps on the map, others for the patch, some for the camaraderie, or the desire to participate in something awesome. I was there.

What we all share however, is the challenge of a long, long hike.  So let’s stick with that. Although this September we can’t gather to share the beauty of the Maitland Valley, we can each make it a personally memorable event. We invite and encourage you to stay true to the spirit of the Camino.  Find your way. 



Push yourself out of your comfort zone.

Breathe deep.

Reward yourself.

Find beauty.

Remember to stretch and revel in the beautiful ache of your life in that moment.

Because we can. And many can’t.




  1. Stay healthy. Be kind to yourself, and everybody and every thing around you. 
  2. Follow Public Health Regulations, which currently includes physical distancing, limits on gatherings, and avoiding unnecessary travel.
  3. Register here.  >>>  Registration closed September 27.
  4. The fee is just $10, and is required if you choose a badge, button, or to be eligible for the prize draw.
  5. Download the DIY Camino Bingo card.  See instructions on the card.
  6. Download the MTA Camino Recipes.
  7. Share photos of your DIY Camino on MTA’s facebook, instagram, and/or Twitter:   #DIYCamino  @maitlandtrail
  8. Use an app such as Map My Hike or All Trails to record your hike route. Share it with MTA as a KMZ file.  We’ll combine all the hikes submitted for a big reveal in late September.
         Note: We expect people to hike near where they live, which can be anywhere in the world!  
  9. Except for #1 & 2 above, follow all instructions as you see fit.


  • A scenic flight with Papple Aviation for up to 3 people  (40-45mins; options available)
  • MTA Camino 2021 package for 2 (hike, dinner, t-shirt)
  • MTA Rocks T-shirt
  • Other prizes to be announced at a later date


  • 1-27:  DIY Camino.   And, (optional) send your hike through Map My Hike. 
  • 27-28:  To be eligible for a prize, email your DIY Camino bingo card to mta.goderich AT
  • 30:  Tune-in to watch our prize draw on Facebook Live. Weather permitting, we’ll be at the Camino finish line 🙂


Contact us if you have any questions.

If there are any changes or updates, they’ll be posted here.

  • Sept 6, a hiker asks…. “So, what email do I send the money to? Payment info is pretty vague.”
    Above, Number 4, there’s a link to another page about sending payment. Click the link and the 3 payment options will be explained.