Your membership is a significant contribution to the maintenance of our trail system
and the organization of community events throughout the year.

We thank you for contributing to the health and well-being of your community!

Online Membership Form 
A membership can be for a family ($25) or an individual ($20).  We ask that you provide your basic contact and location information, and ask that you acknowledge your understanding of how MTA memberships work at the Falls Reserve Conservation Area (FRCA).  

Online Waiver for 2024
We ask for your emergency contacts and that you virtually sign to acknowledge the fine print.  The form must be completed for each individual participating in any MTA activity, including volunteering.  Until further notice, each individual must sign the waiver, i.e. one waiver per person.  


  • An invitation to participate in all organized MTA hikes. Hikes are offered year-round by our certified hike leaders
  • Free limited access to Fall Reserve Conservation Area, and discounts to FRCA permits (see below for important details)
  • Voting privileges at our Annual General Meeting
  • Newsletter 3 times per year
  • Most importantly, you’ll be supporting an organization that actively promotes environmental awareness, outdoor recreation for fun and fitness, and community engagement. 


1.  Complete the online Membership Form.   You can also download the membership form and mail with a cheque.

2.  Sign the Online Waiver for 2024


Insider Tip!  
As a charitable organization, we’re governed by our By-Laws which state that all memberships end on December 31st.  However, if you purchase a membership in the last 5 months of the year, it remains active until the end of that year, AND to the end of the following year.  
Purchasing a membership in the last 5 months of the year (August 1 – December 31) means that you will never be without an active membership  


Through your online bank, send an eTransfer for the correct amount to
Important Note: When we receive notice of an eTransfer, we don’t receive your physical address. So, please be sure to send us your personal info using the online Membership Form.

PAYPAL (if you find that the paypal buttom doesn’t work, kindly use another payment option. Thank you.)

Pay for a 1-year membership, or set up a Membership Subscription where fees are sent to MTA annually, automatically, for 5 years. Cancel anytime through your PayPal account.


Membership – 1 Year


For the moment, the subscription button only works if you have an existing PayPal account. 

Membership Subscription



Falls Reserve Conservation Area (FRCA)

FRCA Rules for Year-round Trail Use for MTA members:

  • MTA members may use the MTA Trail Use Area shown in yellow on the map (use of other trails or other areas within FRCA is not permitted).
  • MTA members may use the (highlighted) northwest washroom (open seasonally from April to October).  
  • Trail use is for foot traffic only (hiking, running, skiing, snowshoeing). No motorized vehicles.  Cycling is only allowed with an FRCA permit.
  • Parking at the gate is not permitted from April 15 – October 15.
  • Follow the Trail Users Code and the Rules and Regulations of the Conservation Area.

Winter Usage for MTA members (October 15 – April 15)

  • Parking at the gatehouse is permitted with an MTA Membership Card displayed on the dash of the vehicle
  • Walk-in access is permitted from the gatehouse to the orange trail (near pond) to access the Maitland Trail and Blue trail sections

FRCA Permits:

  • For full access to the FRCA property (all trails, playground, parking, etc.), MTA members may purchase an FRCA Season Membership Pass and receive $25 off, or 25% off a Daily Pass. Overnight use is excluded from the discount. Click here to see current FRCA Fees.
  • For use of areas outside the designated MTA Trail Use Area shown in yellow on this map, an FRCA permit must be purchased.
  • Permits may be purchased at the park during open hours, or by an eTransfer to After completing the eTransfer, email your name and contact information to stating that you purchased a permit.