Jane’s Walk

Last Update:  April 27, 2020

  • This year’s Jane’s Walks will be virtual, hosted on the MTA facebook page.
  • When:   May 1-3
  • Where:  Online, from the comfort of your own couch/desk/bed/deck/garden/kitchen table/hammock….
  • Anyone is welcome to host a walk of their design. Send us the details and we’ll add them to the schedule below.




A Bird’s Eye View of the Goderich Shoreline

Sat May 2nd 10 am

Join Summer and Tyler, from Papple Aviation, for a short flight up the Lake Huron shoreline to see the stunning cliffs south of Goderich and the main beach with the work that has been done there to protect the beach and shoreline.  Marvel at how high the lake level is, as seen by the break walls near the harbour and salt mine, and learn a bit about historic water levels in Lake Huron.  We’ll end the flight with a view of the town of Goderich and it’s prominent square, as seen from 1000 feet above ground.


A Bird’s Eye View of the Maitland Trail and the GART

Sat May 2nd 10 am

Enjoy a virtual flight with Summer and Tyler, of Papple Aviation from downtown Goderich.  Fly over the Menesetung Bridge and along the Goderich to Auburn Rail Trail until it meets the Maitland River.  Following the meandering river, we’ll enjoy a birds-eye view of historic Balls Bridge, the village of Benmiller, Benmiller Falls, and the area of the Maitland Trail before returning to Goderich to see where the river empties into the lake.