Candlelit Walk


2022 Update:
Sadly, the Candlelit Walk will not be happening this year.
Hopefully next year it will be safe for everyone to gather and share the experience.

In the meantime, the Maitland Woods is there for you enjoy.

2017 was our 23rd Anniversary of the Candlelit Walk!

This fun event is part of Goderich’s Winter Festival which is always on the first weekend in February. Participants of all ages set out on the trail to see it transformed by the flickering beauty of candlelight and handmade lanterns hanging in the trees. Everyone who has their own candle lanterns (home-made or bought) is encouraged to add to the magical experience by bringing them and setting them out somewhere on the trail.

Many of the unique lanterns lining the trail are the result of the efforts of an artisan in our group, Karen Melady, a local artist dedicated to community art projects. In preparation for the walk, Paula, Peggy and Marnie hold 2 lantern making workshops in January. Watch for details about the workshops in the MTA newsletter.   After the walk, come in to the Hall to enjoy a cup of hot cider or cocoa and a cookie. We hope to see you there! About 30 volunteers are needed for this event.  If you’d like to help out, send us an email.

Some history…
The site of the trail is the Maitland Woods, a local wetland within the town’s boundary and adjacent to our industrial park.  For over 20 years, MTA has been providing a unique experience of a winter woodland walk by candle light.  With the support of a Community Art Project, the youth-driven Community Rebuild Team, and an arboretum enthusiast, the event continues to gain interest.  The cooperation of these diverse groups has succeeded in creating an increased awareness of this woodland within our community, and has had significant impact on stemming development in the area.  Building awareness of this urban wilderness is the first step in ensuring that it is valued by residents.  Encouraging people to be outside and walking is a way to keep healthy and happy, and to protect these special places.