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Trail Talk 275 August 30th 2023

There is now increasing concern about alien invasive species.  Locally there have been great efforts to remove phragmites in our area.  There have been some efforts to tackle Common Buckthorn. These efforts include MVCA removal of  Common Buckthorn in the Wawanosh Nature Centre area and the Maitland Trail Association reductionmore…

Trail Talk

Trail Talk 272 August 9th 2023

On our hike at Bannockburn Conservation area the amount of water in the Bannockburn river made it seem more like a creek. In one backwater there were many water striders on top of the water.  It is difficult to image how once in spring the water was so high itmore…

Trail Talk

Trail Talk 271 August 2nd 2023

Further to my mention of fireflies, I found that the best time to see them is at dusk there when I recently  counted 70 flashes in two minutes. There was an interesting study in Zambia on the effect of human odor on attracting mosquitoes. A fan blew the body odormore…