Bioblitz 2021 !

Objective:   We invite you to join our 1st Bioblitz during the month of August.  It is an attempt to help us learn about the common, rare, and invasive species of flora, and fauna that live on, or within 30 m of the trail systems we maintain.  This will assist us in developing a baseline inventory of the species that live here.

With a smart phone,

  • Download the iNaturalist App. It is reasonably simple to use and semi-automatic.  
  • Start the App, then create an account, or sign in
  • Go to Projects – Maitland Trail Association, or just go directly to our project and Join
  • You are now ready to capture pictures!
  • Ensure the GPS on your phone is active
  • Photos are added to your associated project automatically, as the trail map is associated with the project format, or
  • You can download pics from a file on your computer.

We will announce the people with the greatest number of submissions in the next newsletter. Also, depending on the results we will analyze the data and issue a brief report.  If successful we will develop future bio blitzes, similar or more focused. 

Thank you for your participation, and most of all enjoy the natural trails!