Annual Hunting Closures

October 1 to December 31:  At the request of the property owners, the section of the main trail from approximately km7.9 to km10.5 is closed for hunting.

November  7-13,  AND  December 5-11 :  The whole main trail will be closed for hunting.

When and where the trail is open in the fall, we strongly advise hikers to wear bright colours and a bell while hiking the trails. 


Deer hunting (bows): Maitland Trail closed between 7.9 km and 10.5 km
  • Oct 1 to Nov 6
  • Nov 14 to Dec 4
  • Dec 12 to Dec 31

Deer hunting (controlled guns):  Entire Maitland Trail – closed

  • Nov 7 to 13
  • Dec 5 to Dec 11

Turkeys (bows): Oct 1 to 31

Turkeys (guns & bows): Oct 12 to 24
Coyotes:  All year
Ducks: Sep 24 to Jan 8
Geese: Sep 24 to Dec 28
Recommendations (1-Oct to 31-Dec)
  • Dress in conspicuous clothes preferably orange jacket and or hat/toque
  • Do not hike where trails are closed, instead pick another trail
  • Ensure you are visible to possible hunters.
  • Respect the landowners right to hunt on their property
  • Dogs MUST be leashed
Wind and trees.
Hikers should be aware of the risk of falling trees in strong winds, particularly as there are many dead and compromised trees along the trails. 
It is strongly suggested that hikers stay out of treed areas if the winds are gusting to 40 km/hr or more.