2021 Annual General Meeting

When:  August 17th, 7pm, on Zoom

To register:  email klush2 AT gmail.com  > The zoom link and agenda will be emailed to you on August 6th.

MTA is wrapping up the paperwork after a crazy year of social distancing!  Despite the challenges, the Board of the Maitland Trail Association and many volunteers have continued to make the trail a safe and popular place to hike, enjoy the scenic natural environment and get away from screens. 

Unfortunately, we are still hesitant to gather in large groups, so we will be conducting our 2021 AGM via Zoom.  Yes, we have a bit of the business-y stuff to take care of, but this will be a great opportunity to ‘meet’ the Board members and hear all of the amazing things that they, and the other MTA volunteers, have done to make it possible for you to enjoy the trail.

The AGM is an important part of being accountable to the membership for the use of the donations that support our work, and to gather feedback from members and users of the trail.

If you purchased a membership to the Maitland Trail, you are allowed to vote on the motions.  If you aren’t sure if you are a member, email Kathleen and she will look into it for you!