Where & Who We Are

Where is the Maitland Trail?  

  • Here is a kmz file that you can download, then open in Google Earth. 
  • Here is the index map  from our trail guide. 
  • Hike Huron has a free trail guide for download. The Maitland Trail is on pages 13 & 13A

Our Mission:  To maintain and develop dedicated and partnership trails in the Maitland Valley for discovery and appreciation of the natural environment.

The MTA, through the development and maintenance of sustainable and vital organizational structures driven by accountability and responsibility, shall strive to adhere to it’s guiding principles, being:

  • Protecting the natural environment of the Maitland River Valley as it pertains to trails maintenance and development;
  • Providing safe and, where possible, handicapped-accessible opportunities for physical activity, nature appreciation and recreation for the community;
  • Fostering community involvement, partnerships and stewardship.

Board of Directors as of April 2018:

President:  Kathleen Lush

Past President:  Vacant

Vice President:  Brian McCulloch

Treasurer:  Don Forbes

Secretary:  Erinn Lawrie

Membership Co-ordinator:  Gerry Wasylciw

Trail Crew Leader:  Roger Goddard

Trail Ranger Co-ordinator:  Brian McCulloch

Hike Ontario Rep.: Allison Stoecker

Directors At Large:

Ellen Humphrey-Allen

Anthony Hodsman

Mike Cicchini

Other Key People:

Landowner Relations:  vacant

Volunteer Co-ordinator: Janie Van Essen

Newsletter Committee:  Janie Van Essen, Anne Storey, Beth Ross

Web Committee: Al Sanders, Patrick Capper