Update: AGM 2020

A note from Jacqui….
Hi Everyone!
I am the Chair of the AGM, and lets just say, its been a learning experience so far!
In order to maintain our status as a charitable organization, MTA must hold an annual meeting for the membership to vote on a series of items – the minutes from the previous meeting, our financial statements based on the previous year, and the slate new of Directors being elected for a 2-year term.
However, due to government regulations requiring physical distancing due to the current pandemic, we cannot meet in person. So, for 2020, we will be using a one-time electronic vote to replace the in-person AGM.
Members on our email list will be receiving an email with information on casting your votes. Its like a Survey Monkey type of system and very easy to use. You will be provided with links to view the 2019 Minutes, the 2019 Financial Statements and a list of the Directors for 2020.
Those with Family Memberships are allowed two votes.
For those members who do not have email/internet or don’t want to vote in this manner, we have developed a telephone process to record your votes. Although these members are unlikely to see this message, if you know of someone in this situation, please send us their name and we will ensure they can participate as a full member of MTA.
According to our constitution, we require a quorum of at least 10% of the membership to participate in this survey. Its really important for you to cast your vote!
Thank you for supporting the Board by taking part in this unusual process.