Trail Talk – February 28, 2018

Well we had quite the flood on February 19th and 20th. We were fortunate not to get the problems that were experienced along the Conestoga, Grand River and Thames River which resulted in a lot of damage to property and the Grand Valley and Thames River Trails.

The Maitland river and Bayfield river were higher than I have seen them in my 10 years in the area and I know that some property was lost in the Bayfield area.  Many parts of the Maitland Trail have been flooded which will need repair by the Trail Rangers and the Maitland Trail work crews.  Among other trails the lower Lobb trail was well flooded while the Upper trail was still O.K. 

The Bayfield river was well up at the Clinton Conservation area, and the Bannockburn river was well up over that trail’s walkway, but was down below it when I walked there on Thursday Feb 22nd. The photo shows how even good sized logs were jammed against the path.

One surprise was the sight of the first flower of the year on Feb 22nd – a periwinkle, usually the first flowers are coltsfoot, snow drops and violets and not seen until March. There is always an amazing number of violets in early spring on the George Newton Nature Reserve Trail. Details of these and other Huron County trails can be found in the Ontario’s West Coast Hiking Guide available free of charge from the local Tourism Offices.

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