Trail Talk – April 11, 2018

Spring seems to be rather slow in coming, however most of the trails are clear of old snow/ice the probable exceptions being the Lobb trail and the Maitland trail at the top of the hill near Sharpes Creek Line at 30.8 km.

On April 2nd I checked out the Olde Menesetung trail, although the Maitland trail work crew have cleared and marked a re-route round the wash out area, the path is still not for the faint of heart until the work crew have completed the work on the steep bypass with more steps etc.

On Tuesday April 3rd fifteen Trompers hiked the G2G trail from Hardwood Line near Auburn to the new Blyth Brook Bridge. This part of the G2G is in fair condition, however the GART and Kissing Bridge sections are much better having a stone dust surface. Some other parts are very rough and there are places where there are ground hog holes. I would advise anyone joining in the end to end ride on the July 1st weekend to ride with caution unless they have a fat wheeled bicycle. I am looking forward to when there is sufficient funds to put the three bridges in and to have all parts with stone dust. Advertising the 127 km as a safe trail at this time, I believe is misleading unless you are a hiker or fat wheel cyclist.

On Wednesday April 4th four of us hiked the Black Hole loop. Parts were very slippery and there were two flooded parts, one at the River Bend pond and one on the blue side trail up to the top of the hill (used to avoid the flooded road).

Sightings: A pileated Woodpecker in the Maitland Woods, A flock of swans flying over (April 3), a snowy owl reported by a hiker near Dungannon on April 2nd, and lots of Robins all over the place. Although there were 12 fishermen near the Menesetung bridge on April 2nd, I did not see any with a catch, nor have I yet seen any fish in the Bayfield river.

Note that the Eastern end of the Bayfield Woodlands Trail is closed including the eastern entrance from David Street. A new loop has been created but the maps have not yet been changed to reflect these changes.

Upcoming Hikes and Meetings

Saturday April 14th 10:15 AM Trail Ranger Meeting at Goderich Library

Saturday April 14th 10:00 AM Port Albert Village and Beach Walk Level 2; Leisurely Pace 1.5 hours.

There is excitement at the Fishway in Port Albert during this time of year when a crew of volunteers transport fish up the ladder to the portion of the river above the falls. If we are lucky with timing, we can meet and watch the action before heading out on a hike through the village. If the beach co-operates, we will go out for a portion of that, as well. Port Albert General Store is slated to be open again in April, so we’ll see if that would work out for lunch after the hike.

Park at the Fishway parking lot. The entrance is just below the bridge to the right.

Contact Anne Storey 519.529.3050 to register.

Saturday April 21st 9:00 AM River Line to Sharpes Creek Line; 35.6 to 29.9 km Moderately Fast pace. Expect to take about 2 hours. Contact Patrick Capper

Saturday April 21st 11:00 AM Goderich Shore Line Clean up event

Meet at 11 a.m. at N Harbour Road at the rock or the picnic shelter at the main beach. Bring gloves and a mug for hot drinks , door prizes awarded.

Sponsored by the Lake The Lake Huron Centre for Coastal Conservation tel: (226) 421-3029

Sunday April 22nd 2:00 PM Bayfield River Valley Trail Clean up event

Meet at Clan Gregor Square, where you will be provided with safety vests and garbage bags. Choose your own route to walk, picking up litter and recyclables throughout the Village, parks and surrounding areas.

Mid-Week Hikes

The Tuesday Trompers walk for about an hour at a moderate to slow pace starting at 9:00 AM Contact Al Sanders at

The Wednesday hikes start at 9:00 AM for 1.5 to 2 hours at a moderately fast pace. Contact

The Friday L.I.F.E. hikers usually meet at 8:15 AM at the Betty Cardno Centre in Clinton and hike for 1.5 hours to 2 hours, one group at a moderate the other group at a moderately fast pace. Contact

If you have questions or something of interest for Trail Talk email me Patrick Capper at