Trail Talk 62 April 17th 2019

Wingham Trail Bridge

The featured trail this week is the Wingham Community trail (#1 in the Huron County Hiking Guide).  The trail starts at a parking lot on Josephine Street across from the old railway station, and next to the Libro Credit Union. The trail is a 2.5 km loop which includes the river flats park and has no significant hills.  Snowdrops were out and we hiked on the trail before the spring clean-up had occurred so there was quite a bit of litter to be seen. There are some good views of the Maitland River especially from the old CNR bridge, making it a pleasant half hour walk. The bridge was a community effort and is unusual in that it is made of plastic planking.

In the period April 4th to 10th we heard some frogs singing on the pond near the Front road trail. At the Auburn end of the Maitland trail, it was virtually free of snow but the cut through the Robertson tract on the snowmobile route was very icy. I also saw tiny violets, and, near Bishop’s road, there were clumps of bloodroot poking up through the leaves.


There were   common mergansers flying and swimming on the Maitland river, and the unusual sight of a lone merganser sitting on a rock.  There was still a patch of ice about 20 ft wide on the west side of the Maitland Woods trail and   on the Lobb trail the ice was easy to avoid. The highlight was on the hike through the Nature Conservancy when the six of us saw a Dekay’s brownsnake on the trail basking in the sun but, due to the cold (5C), it was not very active.  Brownsnakes are quite small only growing to a maximum of 50 cm, note its parallel black markings.  On the drive home through Clinton I saw a white squirrel.

K. Brulliard of the Washington Post wrote “Dogs need to go for walks and walking is good exercise for older adults. Seniors who combine the two – by walking a dog –are healthier than people who don’t.”  However, “Walking with a leashed dog imparts a significant and rising injury risk in older adults.” I guess this means that I am safer when Chewy is off the leash!

Wingham Trail Ecological park

On some previous Maitland Trail hikes larger dogs have bumped into hikers knocking the unwary hiker over.  This is why dog owners are requested to leash their dogs on Maitland Trail hikes.



Saturday April 20th  2 -4 p.m.  Photo Hunt Taylor Mavis trails at Stanley Complex, Varna.

Bring a phone or camera. Ten pictures of sites/items found on the Mavis’ Trail will be on display.  Take a photograph (or memorise) the pictures before setting off to search for and take your own photographs of the subject matter.  Prizes will be awarded to the individual/s or team/s that finds and is the first to submit photographic proof of the most targets. Photographic proof should aim to recognizably duplicate the target photo and can be submitted to Peter ( hike leaders will be: Peter Jeffers, 519 933 4555 and George Ebers  519-482-7572. Details on Bayfield River Valley Trail Association website

Sunday April 21st   9 a.m. Hullett Sugar Bush trails moderate pace about 1 ½ hours

Meet at parking lot at 80602 Wildlife Line.. Fairly level trails without any big climbs through deciduous forest and open meadow. Leader Patrick Capper 519-606-0016  or

Monday April 22nd  2 pm   Family Scavenger Hunt in the Maitland Woods    Level 1, 1hr+

It’s Easter Monday AND Earth Day. Bring your family for a spring hike in the lovely Maitland Woods, where your youngsters will meet some of the Easter Bunny’s long eared, fluffy tailed, treat-carrying helpers along the trail, and will take part in an “I Spy Scavenger Hunt”. These helpers worked hard helping the Easter Bunnies. They will be wanting to hop back to their burrows, so plan to set out on your walk between 2:00 and 2:30 pm so that you won’t miss them. Cancelled if rain.  Leader Wendy Hoernig .  519-525-6976

Monday April 22nd 2 p.m. Litter walk in Bayfield meet at the pavilion in Clan Gregor Square.

Thursday April 25th 5 p.m. Donate and Dine (For G2G) at Part 2 Bistro Goderich $100

See details on Maitland Trail website.

Sunday April 28th 1 p.m. Millennium trail 2 hours Moderate pace

Contact Carolyn at 519-524-5181

Heads up for the following events details in a future Trail Talk

May 3-5th Jane’s walks

May 4th 1:30 pm Lobbs Wildflower walk

May 4th 10a.m.-1p.m. Nature Conservancy tree planting near Hopkins Creek

May 5th Hike for Hospice at Lobb trail 11a.m.-1 p.m.

May 5th 10 a.m.-3 p.m. Compost and Plant sale and walks in Maitland Woods at 1p.m. and 1:30 p.m.


The Tuesday Trompers walk for about an hour at a moderate to slow pace starting at  9 a.m. Contact Al Sanders at

The Wednesday hikes start at 9 a.m. for 1 ½ to 2 hours at a moderately fast pace. Contact

The Friday L.I.F.E. hikers usually meet at 8:10 at the Betty Cardno Centre in Clinton  and hike for 1 ½ hours to 2 hours, one group at a moderate the other group at a moderately fast pace. Contact

If you have questions or something of interest for Trail Talk email me Patrick Capper at