Trail Talk 118 May 13 2020

White trillium

We enjoyed a brief warm spell on the first weekend in May, which resulted in lots of trilliums blossoming.  On Sunday May 3rd I wanted to see how many spring flowers I could see on the Lobb trail. I hiked early morning and late evening, so I did not see the hordes that came out , I was told that  50 cars were seen, and some walkers were not keeping a social distance and some of the lovely painted rocks went missing, which resulted in the Lobb trail being closed effective May 4th.

My species count was: bloodroot, blue cohosh, creeping Charlie, crocus, cut-leaved toothwort,  daffodil, dandelion, garlic mustard, grape hyacinth, jack-in-the-pulpit, marsh marigold, periwinkle,  sharp-lobed hepatica, skunk cabbage, toothwort, trillium (red and white) trout lily (both yellow and white), tulip, twin leaf, violets (white, yellow and purple), wild ginger, wild strawberry, wood anemone, and an unidentified weed  with small white flowers among the old corn stalks.

Dutchman’s breeches

On Tuesday May 5th on the Cherrydale section of the Maitland Trail there was a large patch of Dutchman’s breeches in bloom, and a dead shorttail shrew on the path. Near the Bayfield river some may-apples (also called mandrake) were in bloom. On my Thursday morning hike from River Line to B.Edgar bridge the section of the Maitland Trail to about the 36km marker has the most white trilliums of any part of the trail.  There were also some bellworts there.

Short-tail shrew

We saw our first garter snake on May 1st and on May 5th saw a much larger female garter snake.  This time of year is a good time for bird watching the Rose breasted grosbeaks, Baltimore orioles, and white-throated and white-crowned sparrows are back, and the warblers will probably be back by the time you read this. This is a very good time for bird spotting as the leaves are only just starting to come out on the trees.

The Hike for Hospice was originally scheduled for May 3rd but has been rescheduled as a virtual hike for June 14th. On May 9th the G2G tail organization was encouraging everyone to get off the couch and be active and safe.

Remember when out on the trails to keep a social distance apart and, when necessary, step off the trail to one side to let others pass.

Closures. Check Facebook and websites for updates.

REROUTE There is a reroute in progress between 45 and 46km on the Maitland Trail to avoid the cabin near 45.3 km which is now occupied.

Check the website to determine if there are any new closures

Lobb trail is closed effective May 4th

Point Farms Provincial Park Expected to be open on May 15th

Falls Reserve Conservation Area expected to be open soon

Ausable Bayfield and Maitland Conservation areas expected to be open soon

Clinton Conservation Area expected to be open soon

Hullett Wildlife Area is now open

The Bayfield Trails are closed

The Nature Conservancy Properties may be opened soon.

The Bruce Trail has a phased opening starting on May 15th


There are no scheduled Maitland Trail Association or Bayfield River Valley Association or LIFE hikes.