Jane’s Walk 2019

Last Update: March 9, 2020

  • This year’s Jane’s Walk will take place May 1-3. 
  • Anyone is welcome to host a walk of their design. Send us the details and we’ll add them to the schedule.
  • Watch this space.  Details will be added throughout April.





When:  7-7:30 pm  (this is a correction from an earlier posting)
Start/End Point:  Goderich, 430 Parsons Court  (Rainy day location: inside Square Brew, on Parsons Court)
Route:  This walk will cover a minimal distance on Parsons Court.
Leaders:  Luke Elliott & Matt Hoy

7 Acres employee Luke Elliott will be talking about the Research and Development facility being built on Parsons Court. Town Councillor Matt Hoy will share what the recent Opt-in vote means for the Town of Goderich. As the Maitland Valley Medical Centre Executive Director, Matt Hoy will also talk about how the Health Team is changing with the legalization of cannabis.  After the walk, people are invited inside Square Brew to continue the conversation. You may bring your own non-alcoholic beverages and food, or purchase beer. 


When:  10am – Noon
Start/End Point:  Clinton, 79 – 7th Avenue
Route:  about 2km around Vanastra and the former RCAF base
Leader:  Jan Hawley

Take a guided tour of this former RCAF Base, once a top-secret airforce facility where radar training was provided to officers from around the world. The tour begins at the Vanastra Rec Centre and winds through the streets of the village. Along the route, signs have been erected providing the history of the buildings/sites that were in existence when operating as a base. For the history buffs, we have created a short quiz that can be picked up at the Vanastra Recreation Centre on registration. The answers can be found on the signs. Each participant, who completes a questionnaire and returns it to the registration desk on completion of the event will be eligible to win a prize. Free Hotdog BBQ with beverage provided. All ages welcome. The entire route is 2 kilometres, although can be shortened. 

When: 1:30 pm – 4 pm

Where: Goderich, 43 West Street, in the
     green space behind the Makers Mercantile

Leader: Amy Zoethout
Speakers*:  Blue Bayfield, Bluewater Recycling Association (BRA), Green Goderich, Coastal Crowd Co., Courtney Henry

*More speakers will be added as they are confirmed.

This Zero Waste Fair will inform and inspire waste-free efforts in our community through activities and brief presentations. Learn about the exciting programs being led in our community and others to move towards a reduction in waste, meet local makers who are working hard to create reusable alternatives to single-use products, share ideas on how we can move towards a zero-waste community, and participate in hands-on activities. 
This is a free event, however, some activities will be offered by donation to help cover the cost of materials, with proceeds being donated to Green Goderich.

Family-friendly:  Yes
Wheelchair accessible:  Yes
Dogs allowed:  Yes, if kept on a leash
Rainy Day:  Location will be the Goderich Library, lower level meeting room
Other:  There will be some seating, but to be sure you’re comfortable, please bring a lawn chair


  11-12 pm  (or 1pm if it’s raining)
Start/End Point:  Goderich, North Harbour Rd, at the big rock.   **If the weather is extremely wet, we will meet at the library on Montreal St in Goderich at 1pm
1-2 km on the trail
Leaders:  David Plain

Anishnaabeg stories of Ojibwa lifestyle, migrations on the Great Lakes and the impact of signing of Treaty 29, July 1827 shared by a First Nation story teller/historian.   

Washrooms: none available
Terrain: mostly flat on a gravel trail, one incline
Strollers: Welcome, but it would be challenging. A backpack-type child carrier would be much easier.
Wheelchair accessible: Sorry, no.
Dogs allowed: No, please keep them at home.

When:  1-2 pm    &   1:30-2:30 pm
Start/End Point:  Goderich, Columbus Centre parking lot, the far side.
Route:  4.3km trail through the Woods. 

Leaders:  Roger Goddard, Con Melady

Join MTA Hike Leaders and explore the Maitland Woods. The flat, 4.3 km winding trail provides good walking conditions through our urban forest that’s become a favourite for local people of all ages (including dog walkers) and visitors. Located on the edge of town, east of highway 21 and the Suncoast Mall, you can imagine you are far from ‘civilization’.
This event will happen unless there is pouring rain. If showers are happening, bring your raincoat or umbrella…the outdoors has a different beauty when it is wet.

Family-friendly:  Yes
Wheelchair accessible:  Sorry, No.
Strollers: Welcome, but it would be challenging. A backpack-type child carrier would be much easier.
Dogs allowed:  Yes, if kept on a leash
Other:  Wear sensible shoes for uneven terrain. No flip-flops.

When:  2-3:30pm  (1hr presentation followed by a neighbourhood walkabout)
Where:  Huron County Museum, North St, Goderich
Leader:  Chris Lee

Passive house is the recognized gold standard of cost-effective, high-performance building design. In this case, it represents a >80% reduction in home heating & cooling costs with additional benefits of health, comfort and sustainability. With an all-electric home, WE are able to transition from carbon-based energy to fully renewable sources. Right now. 
Chris & Judy Lee have recently moved into a new home in Walton which demonstrates these design principles. It is the first in Huron County built to Passive House standards. Come find out about Chris and Judy’s progression from accepting the standard market offerings in house design, to building their own cost-effective high-performance home.