Jane’s Walk 2015


This year, Jane’s Walk will be held on the weekend of May 1-3.

Below are the walks we have so far; more walks might be added so please check back again.

Everyone is welcome to join a walk to listen in, or partake in the discussion.  Everyone is welcome to create a walk of their own – if this interests you, let us know and we’ll get you set up – it’s really easy!



It all goes back to that yard of solid gold … or maybe it’s brass…Doug Walk2

Walk Leader: Doug Culbert

Meet at 50 North Street.

Doug will lead us on a walk down North Street, through the square, and along West Street.

Along the way, he’ll tell some true tales as only Doug can do.

Be prepared to learn some of the little-known historical details of surveying in Goderich and the curious corners on which our homes are built.


A.T. RingersAP Parade2

Meet at the south side of Courthouse Park about 2:45pm

This walk isn’t a walk, it’s an Active Transportation Parade.  Bring your favorite form of non-motorized transportation and join us for some ringers around the The Square. Everyone is encouraged to get decked out in a costume, bring a noise-maker, or simply wear bright colours.  It’s promising to be a merry-making time and a great photo op.  The road will be closed to cars for a short time and everyone is welcome to walk/run/cycle/scoot their ringers. 

Then the parade will go down West Street (also closed to cars!) to Lion’s Harbour Park where there will be complementary refreshments, cupcakes, and a giant piñata.


Paths of Glory – The ‘A’ listReg Walk2

Interesting and notable monuments of the oldest section of the Maitland Cemetery

Walk Leader: Reg Thompson

Meet at the Maitland Cemetery, just inside the main gate.

This walk will explore the earliest section of the Maitland Cemetery and examine monument styles, fashions, materials, symbols and artistic details. The Municipal Council of the Town of Goderich purchased the first 30 acres of land for the Maitland Cemetery in 1858. The cemetery opened in 1859 and includes some of the first re-interments of the Canada Company cemetery. The monuments of the Maitland Cemetery are markers rich in information. They serve as sources for the exploration of personal and social history of our community. This walk will also include a selection of stories of the lives of the individuals marked by the monuments observed.

The walk will be approximately one kilometer in length and one hour in duration. We will traverse the grassy uneven parkland between the rows of the earliest section of the Maitland Cemetery. Questions are welcome throughout the walk.  What personal and social histories are marked by the monuments? What monument materials, symbols and styles were fashionable, and how did tastes change over the years? What stories can be revealed and who is marked and buried in this section of the Maitland cemetery?



Sacred ArchitectureSt. Peter Church2

Walk Leader: Adolfo Spaleta

Meet on the north side of Courthouse Park

We will be visiting two of the most memorable churches in Goderich – Lakeshore United Church and St. Peter’s Roman Catholic Church. At each site, we’ll explore some of the history, architecture, and cultural significance of these fine old buildings.

The walk will be approximately one kilometer in length and 1.5 to 2 hours in duration. Here the North Street churches in relation and context to the Goderich Court House Square will be discussed. The Walk will then head toward Lakeshore United where we will explore the interior and exterior architectural design of the building (approx. 45 min). Next, we’ll walk further along North Street to St. Peter’s Catholic church and explore both the interior and exterior design and architecture of the building (approximately 45 min). The walk ends here, at St. Peter’s Catholic Church.


Our Local Treasurered_trillium_1200

Walk Leader: Wendy Hoernig

Meet at the Columbus Centre, at the south end of the parking lot.

What species are endangered? Why is this a special place? What’s happening with the development to the east and west? These are just some of the discussions that will take place on this leisurely walk through this rich and varied urban woodland.

In 1975, a small group of dedicated hikers and land owners got together and created the Maitland Trail Association (MTA). Wendy and her husband Heinz were 2 of that small group of people who built trails along the winding the Maitland River – cutting a few trees, building stairs and boardwalks where necessary – a natural 50km trail that is now the anchor of a group of local trails maintained by the MTA. The Maitland Woods is one of this group, with over 3km of trail winding through 23 hectares of natural, native woodland. Filled with rare trees, unusual habitat and endangered species yet within our town boundary and used daily by many people, it’s an urban treasure that we are fortunate to have.





Here are the walks from 2014, and a great description of our inaugural Jane’s Walk Weekend in 2013.