Hunting Season Update

Hunting season is here again! Hikers should be aware of the seasonal hunting in our area and follow safe practices for themselves, and have respect for the hunting rights of our landowners.

Precautions during the hunting season

  • Wear bright orange clothing, and consider putting something bright on your dog
  • Dogs shall be leashed at all times (so they’re less likely to be confused with wildlife)
  • Watch for hunters and ensure that they see you
  • Respect their right to hunt on their property

Hunting schedules:

  • Sept. 23 – Dec. 27:  Geese and duck, hunting on the waterways
  • Oct. 10-22: Turkey, Gun hunting
  • Oct. 1 – Nov. 5: Turkey & Deer, Bow Hunting only
  • Nov. 13 – Dec. 3: Turkey & Deer, Bow Hunting only
  • Dec. 11 – 31: Turkey & Deer, Bow Hunting only
  • Nov. 6 – 12:  Deer, Gun Hunting ** 
  • Dec. 4 – 10:  Deer, Gun Hunting **

** During deer gun hunting the Maitland Trail is closed. Please chose another trail for hiking e.g. Maitland Woods, Sifto Loop, Millennium Trail, etc.

Also, the Maitland Trail will be closed from Jenkins Corner to Riverbend (7.9 km to 10.5 km) between October 1 and December 31, by request of landowner.