Hunting Season in Huron County begins soon & a reminder!

First the reminder: Hikers please remember there is no parking on Bishops Road when accessing the trail for our treks through the countryside along the trail.

Second: Hunting Season! Starts October 1st and there will be some trail closures during the months the hunters will be out, in, and around the trails.

Some restrictions to note:

  • September 24, 2016 – January 8, 2017:  Maitland River – geese and duck hunting is permitted.  Trails remain open due to the lower risk, but be aware.
  • November 7 to 13 and December 5 to 11, 2016 – Maitland Trail closed for controlled gun hunting for deer.
  • October 1 – December 31, 2016 – Caution on the Maitland Trail. Be aware of bow hunting of deer excepting the gun hunting weeks above.  Hikers are advised to be cautious and wear bright clothes consisting of an orange jacket and cap as well as keep dogs on a leash at all times

Here are the signs to watch out for along the trails:

2-weeks-a Sign A will be used to remind you of the two weeks of gun hunting in and around the trails. Please be on the lookout for it.







3-months-b Sign B will be used to let you know which areas of the trail will be closed for the entire three months of hunting this fall (Jenkins Corner – 7.9K to Riverbend – 10.5K will be closed for the entirety of October 1st to December 31st). This sign may be in other areas of the trail as well, be on the lookout!





We’re all looking forward to a wonderful Fall season of hikes on our tails: be safe, be mindful of and respect the landowner’s wishes, and most of all have fun!!


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