Hike Ontario Leadership Opportunities

Hike Ontario Leadership Opportunities

Are you searching for a leadership opportunity which will positively promote hiking and trail development in Ontario?

Hike Ontario has openings in important positions: President, Vice President, Fund Raising Chair and committee members. These important positions need to be filled so that provincial advocacy and programs like our Insurance program and Leadership courses can continue effectively.

If you have a love of the outdoors, an appreciation of the magnificent system of trails that volunteers have created across Ontario and leadership skills we would love to speak to you.

For more complete information about Hike Ontario, please examine our website: www.hikeontario.com

To get involved please contact info@hikeontario.com or visit their website for more information

Hike Ontario is a provincial organization that supports hiking, Trail Associations and Hiking Clubs in Ontario. We advocate for these groups, engaging in partnerships with other services across the province such as the Canadian Mental Health Association, Conservation Authorities, Provincial Parks and Festivals supporting Hiking. We train new hikers in our Safe Hiking Course, hike leaders through our Certified Hike Leader Program, Wilderness Day Hike Leader and Wilderness Trip Leader and offer a course in Map, Compass and GPS Use.