Scheduled Hikes

Contact us if you’d like to come on any of the hikes listed below, or if you’d like more information.


February Hikes

John Goldie Reserve


March Hikes

Maitland Cemetery

Sunday March 3 1:30 pm Level 1, easy-moderate, 1 – 1.5 hrs

After walking in the cemetery, we will go to the groves area and close to the river, weather and conditions permitting. Snowshoes might be appropriate. Meet just inside the main gate of the cemetery (Hwy 8 just outside of Goderich)

Contact: Sjani Craig (519) 524-9136


Hike or Possibly Snowshoe the Maitland Trail

Saturday March 16 9 am  Level 2 Moderate Pace  2 hrs.

We will start at the Auburn end of the trail and go to Pinery Line or perhaps further.

We usually have to park at the edge of Blyth Road opposite Bridge Road.

Contact: Patrick (519) 606-0016


Point Farms Provincial Park 

Sunday March 31 1:30 pm    Level 1 moderate pace  1.5 hours

The route we take through the park will depend on weather and surface conditions. So please call Anne to register.

Contact: Anne Storey  (519) 529- 3050

Terrain Rating:

Level 1:  Well defined trails, gentle inclines. Good walking shoes recommended.

Level 2:  Generally on trail.  May be hilly, light bushwhacking, some rough spots or obstacles.  Boots recommended.

Level 3:  Rough terrain. One or more sections of extensive bushwhacking, steep sections, long climbs and descents, beaver dams or other obstacles, rock scrambling.  Boots required. Fit, experienced hikers only.  Long pants & sleeves recommended.

A reminder for all participants of any MTA led hike.

All participants are required to sign a waiver which states:

I acknowledge that this activity of the Maitland Trail Association, in which I am participating, involves risks that are beyond the control of the Association. Notwithstanding the acknowledgement of such risks, I hereby release the Maitland Trail Association, Hike Ontario its contractors, employees, volunteers, agents, assigns and executors from all claims for the damage how ever so arising as a result of my participation in this or any other activity organized by the Association.

I agree to pay the costs of any emergency evacuation of my person or belongings that may be necessary. I affirm that I am aware of the nature of this activity, its distance, duration and degree of difficulty and that I am properly equipped and physically able to participate. I have no medical or other conditions that might preclude my participation. I agree to follow the directions of the leader. My signature below confirms that I am at least 18 years old, that I have read this document, I am signing voluntarily and that I fully understand its effect. I understand that this document must be properly completed before I will be allowed to participate in the event.


Leisurely:  2-3km/hr

Moderate:  3-4km/hr

Brisk:  +5km/hr