Trail Conditions

Current as of September 28, 2020



Current MTA Trail Closures:

IT’S HUNTING SEASON.  During fall hunting season, we advise hikers
to wear bright colours and to keep your dogs leashed and brightly-clad so they aren’t mistaken for game.  

(1)   WHERE: The whole Maitland Trail will be closed for 2 separate weeks during deer hunting with guns:
        WHEN:   November 2 – 8   AND    November 30 – December 6

(2)   WHERE:  the Maitland Trail from the north end of Black Hole Rd to the south end
        WHEN:  Oct 1 – Dec 31.  
   See map with highlighted area.

(3)   WHERE:  Maitland Woods, Segment A-B
        WHEN:  October 1 – December 31.
       This is part of our upgrade of the boardwalks.
  Please choose alternate trails.



Current Conditions:

  • Please adhere to Trail Etiquette and Covid-19
  • GART:  Trail upgrades are now complete, except for Turtle Alley east of CP Line. Some clean up of brush and drainage work is ongoing; watch for temporary closures. Please consider donating to the G2G resurfacing project.    Thanks to our volunteers who made a significant contribution!
  • NCC requirements: physical distancing of 2m, hiking groups up to 4 only, and dogs must be leashed. 
  • Hikers are asked to be responsible, respect land owners’ wishes, and stay up-to-date on these closures.
  • Here is information from the Provincial Government, dated March 30.
  • Until we can move beyond Phase 3, physical distancing will have some impact on the amount of trail work we can complete.  Work will be prioritized based on safety for hikers and our Crew.  As always, use the trails at your own risk.


  • Besides the closures noted above, most of our trails are open. 
    • Be sure to read #2 below and watch for the new signs and blazes
    • Be sure to check out the Menesetung Trail, the lime kiln, and Colborne Riverside Park
  • Falls Reserve Conservation Area – trails only (click to see map)
    • Be sure to read #3 below.  If you don’t have an MTA membership to use the MTA-permitted trails, you must purchase an FRCA permit.
  • The Maitland Woods – 3.2km through our urban forest (trail guide map B)
  • The Millennium Trail – accessible from the east end of Nelson St in Goderich (trail guide map C)
  • The Sifto Loop – accessible from the north side of the Menesetung Bridge (trail guide map D)
  • And if you haven’t cycled the G2G Rail Trail yet, this would be a good weekend to check it out before it becomes all boring-smooth-spick-and-span with new stone dust and improved drainage…. OK, too late, it’s mostly resurfaced and all beauty. Go see for yourself, it’s awesome.


If you’re not familiar with any of these trails by name, consider purchasing an MTA Trail Guide.



This section has been re-routed around the field, adding an additional 2km approximately to the total trail length. 

Watch for the new signs and blazes.

Map 7 of the trail guide is updated.  Click HERE to see the new route. 

Watch for the new signage and blazes.




Year-round Trail Usage for MTA members:

  • Includes only the MTA Trail Use Area shown on the map with the yellow highlight. Does not include other trails or other areas within FRCA.
  • Includes the use of the washroom at the north west, also highlighted (opened seasonally from April to October).  Currently closed due to health restrictions.
  • Trail use is for foot traffic only (hiking, running, skiing, snowshoeing). No motorized vehicles.  Cycling is permitted with an FRCA permit.
  • Parking at the gate is not permitted from April 15-October 15.
  • Follow the Trail Users Code, and the rules and regulations of the Conservation Area

Additional Winter Usage for MTA members for the period from Oct 15 – April 15:

  • Allows parking at the gatehouse with MTA membership card on the dash of the vehicle
  • Includes walk-in access from the gatehouse to the orange trail near the pond to access the Maitland Trail and Blue trail sections with yellow highlight.

FRCA Permits:

  • To have full access to the FRCA property (all trails, playground, parking, etc.), MTA members can purchase an FRCA Season Membership Pass and get $25 off, OR 25% off a Daily Pass. All overnight use is excluded from the discount. Click here to see the current FRCA Fees.
  • Any users outside of the designated MTA Trail Use Area shown on this map with the yellow highlight must purchase an FRCA permit.
  • Permits can be purchased at the park during open hours, or by an e-transfer to Then, email your name and contact information to indicating you made this purchase of a permit.



WHEN:  For the foreseeable future
WHERE: The west end of the Menesetung Trail
The trail will no longer be accessible from the Sifto Loop. The new western access point is on the GART (see map), and the rest of the trail eastward is unchanged.  The reason for the closure is due to erosion along the river, and slumping of the slope. New signs have been posted and blazes have been updated.