1st Annual Earth Day Work Bee

This past weekend, to celebrate spring’s arrival and Earth Day, 25 Busy Bees on two teams planted 50+ trees in the Maitland Woods and cleared ditches on the GART.  The mixed species planted in the Woods will begin to replace the canopy lost to the emerald ash borer. The new drainage on the GART will prevent trail erosion. A BIG thank you to all who supported the Earth Day Work Bees!

Special thanks to Jeremiah Sommer for leading the work on the GART, to Martin Quinn for leading the tree planting at the Maitland Woods, to Karen Goulet of Tim Horton’s for donating the coffee, and to Roger Goddard for organizing and preparing the work plan behind the scenes.


The peeps in this photo (below), left to right, are…Rob Gold, Nathan Jeffrey, Gwen Richardson, Amie Butterwick, Paula Harris, Anthony Hodsman, Murray Keith, Larry Snell, MaryLyn, Kaitlyn and Carl Krauter, and Martin Quinn.


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